Case Study: Gloucestershire Learning and Skills Council

The Learning and Skills Council has been responsible for funding and planning education and training for over 16-year-olds in England. The council’s mission was to raise participation and attainment through high-quality education and training which puts learners first.

The vision of the Learning and Skills Council is that, by 2010, young people and adults in England will have the knowledge and productive skills matching the best in the world. The council operated through 47 local offices and a national office in Coventry.

Established in April 2001, the council’s work covers:

  • Further education
  • Work-based training for young people
  • Workforce development
  • Adult and community learning
  • Information, advice and guidance for adults
  • Education business links


Client requirement

Gloucestershire Learning and Skills Council wished to ensure that its top team understood how the media works and how to make the most of the many opportunities that were provided.  Serene Communications was invited to create and deliver a series of training days for members of the LSC and the executive team.

Our response

We worked with the LSC Director to ensure the desired outcome was well defined and created a number of training days providing real experience with press releases for publication, radio interviews and tv interviews.

Client outcomes

LSC top team were able to make good use of the many opportunities that their profile provides and to ensure that the often tricky situations were handled with wit and tact.