Case Study: Western Region OCN

Strategic and Customer Focus

Client requirement

As a result of a merger between two regional organisations of the Open College Network, WROCN was created.  WROCN inherited therefore a broad range of services and practices from the two constituent organisations.

A significant level of consolidation of business processes was required to take WROCN forward.  This was strongly supported at the senior management level who gave their personal commitment in order to deliver real benefits from the merger.  Serene Communications was invited by the Director to work with all members of the organisation from both regions to align their vision and priorities with those of the Government’s modernising and continuing education agenda and in doing so develop an effective business strategy for the new organisation.

WROCN also required a communications strategy in order to promote the new organisation to stakeholders and existing and prospective clients.


Our response

We put forward a process driven partnership with WROCN to develop and then to assist in the delivery of an appropriate strategy.  A customer satisfaction survey was conducted and the results from the gap analysis provided a basis for evaluating future direction. In addition to design and implementation of the survey, we used participative techniques to share feedback with key personnel.

A facilitated ‘away day’ brought together all members of staff to come to a common understanding of where the organisation was and where it needed to go to. Further analysis of the results from the ‘away day’ assisted the management team in objective setting and enhancing processes.


Client outcomes

Notwithstanding the time and budgetary constraints, the management team’s willingness to implement recommendations and WROCN’s commitment to succeed have taken the organisation further in meeting their business objectives.


Client Response

Since the away day (which was very useful) things have on the whole been going very well and yes many of the ideas that came out of it were actioned or are in the process of being actioned. The only limiting factor as always have been time and resources. Richard Harrison, Director of WROCN