Case Study: WNC


Enhancing WNC’s International Corporate Image

Client requirement

The Women’s National Commission is the Government’s independent advisory body on women and has a well developed corporate image in the UK. For its work at the United Nations it required material that enhanced this image but succeeded in the highly competitive context of the UN NGO sector. Serene Communications was invited to manage the publication of publicity materials for WNC events at the UN.


Our response

We worked with the WNC Director to ensure the desired international image was in line with the WNC corporate profile.  We worked with design and print contractors, ensuring effective use of material on site and project managed various promotional activities on behalf of the WNC at the United Nations.


Client outcomes

WNC used highly effective materials resulting in well attended events in a market which is highly competitive in terms of time constraints and conflicting commitments. We also subsequently facilitated an event for the Board of WNC Commissioners to help develop strategic plans as the Government’s independent advisory body on women.