Building performing teams

Well functioning teams are fundamental to the success of any  organisation.  If your team is united you are a winner.    Managers are given the responsibility to help their teams become united and successful.  Your success is directly dependent on their success.

The aim of this course is for participants to develop an understanding of the key criteria for building and managing the team and to develop skills in team building and team leadership: How to be part of a performing team.  It is helpful for team members and managers.

Participants will be able to acquire the necessary skills to create a united and trusted team: a performing team— helping them to contribute to the success of the organisation and to each other.  The course covers the stages of team development, how personality types impact on team work, how to create an enabling environment, types of leadership.

The course is interactive and highly participatory with many activities for all learning styles.

Serene Communications aspires to provide values based learning frameworks and this course aims to increase awareness of the importance of values within the    relationship between people whether they are colleagues, customers or suppliers.

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building performing teams training