Timi Van Houten

The media course I attended was first class. The pace was just right with a good variety of whole group, pair work and individual learning. I was surprised how much we covered throughout the day and how much I learnt on the day. Everyone had the opportunity of hands on experience of TV and radio […]

Richard Harrison

Since the away day (which was very useful) things have on the whole been going very well and yes many of the ideas that came out of it were actioned or are in the process of being actioned. The only limiting factor as always have been time and resources.

Ruth Soandro-Jones

Staff and volunteers at the SPACE Trust thoroughly enjoyed the varied programme that Serene Communications developed for their day ‘Team Building for Success’. Rarely do we have the opportunity to come together and work on communication and relationships. It is easy to work as a group rather than a team when we work part time […]

Jessica Naish

Serene Communications has provided exceptional opportunities for the presentation of our theatre company’s work. Serene Communications is an organisation of integrity, making the seemingly impossible possible whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards. The Company’s strength in communicating with a quick sense of who needs to meet whom in order for a dream possibility to become […]

Christophe Ferrari

I hereby would like to confirm the benefit of the two soft skills training that I recently attended (Time Mgt & Decision Making). They brought me ground information for improving my daily work thanks to technique and tools. This being said, it’s clearly a long term process to ensure that the learned material is effectively […]

Karen Wilson

I’d like to say what a complete “eye-opener” this day has been for me. I honestly didn’t realize there was so much to delegating, but now I feel like I’ve changed my approach from “the inside” at a cognitive level! From start to finish, the standard of venue and food was excellent, trainer Miranda Jenkins […]

Francis Fenwick

When you work with Zarin you feel you are in the hands of a consummate professional who knows her business inside out. It was a pleasure to work with her and we were very pleased with the results.

Maureen Sier

Zarin was an excellent facilitator and drew out the best from all the participants. Zarin also ably analysed the information gained during the workshops and feedback excellent recommendations which were useful for the organisation I worked for.

Concetta Knee

Zarin is an extremely erudite person who has an innate understanding of the world of communication. Having attended a Presentation by her on the subject of P.R. and Communications I came away with a much clearer understanding of what to aim for, how to achieve it and how to monitor results. I would have no […]

Michael Teske

I have found Zarin to be a persuasive communicator, adept at fostering strong client relationships, and skilled at training and managing diverse teams. Zarin is goal-oriented and performance driven, going the extra mile to add long-term value. She maintains high ethical standards, and I have full confidence in her abilities. Zarin is a true principle- […]