What People Say About Us

Clients have commented about our training team:

“… is an extremely erudite person who has an innate understanding of the world of communication. Having attended a Presentation by her on the subject of P.R. and Communications I came away with a much clearer understanding of what to aim for, how to achieve it and how to monitor results. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to a client.”

“… has coached and supported business owners in Marketing Strategy and Operations. I only have brief liaison with her, but know from watching her in action that she really knows how to apply marketing theory in small business practice.”

“I have found … to be a persuasive communicator, adept at fostering strong client relationships, and skilled at training and managing diverse teams. … is goal-oriented and performance driven, going the extra mile to add long-term value. She maintains high ethical standards, and I have full confidence in her abilities. … is a true principle-centred leader, and I recommend her to you without reservations.”

“… is incredibly driven, commands high standards of work and has the utmost dedication.”

“… was an excellent facilitator and drew out the best from all the participants. She also ably analysed the information gained during the workshops and fedback excellent recommendations which were useful for the organisation I worked for.”

“… is fantastic to work with and always goes above and beyond. Truly top notch organiser with a vast range of expertise on communications and gender and policy.”

“It has been and it continues to be an absolute pleasure to work with…. Her sense of duty towards her responsibilities is second to none. She is a very dynamic and radiant person, detail orientated and she always assumes a posture of learning and self-reflection, indispensable qualities in a rapidly changing environment.”


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