Organisations, whether public, private or in the community sector want to influence people.  This may be to persuade them to buy a product or service or assist them in a particular endeavour or area of concern.  Those which often need most assistance are in the community sector who valiantly work at the grass roots to achieve noble aims.

Serene Communications believes in being a company with strong corporate social responsibility and is proud of its commitment to help a wide variety of organisations.

From those that work with women with disabilities to local inter-faith groups, from local environment groups to international legal charities, we work both pro-bono and for fees to help those more vulnerable in society.

In order to further assist organisations of any size, Serene Communications offers coaching and facilitation to assist them to achieve their business objectives and personal development for their people.


Advocacy Skills: Lobbying Parliament and Influencing Government

Parliamentary Lobbying Skills Women

Serene Communications courses on lobbying parliament and government sit within the stable of advocacy skills. Most organisations operating in the private, public and voluntary sectors have either periodic or regular need to engage with government in its broadest sense. This might range from a need to build a relationship with national government, local government, European or United Nations agencies or a constituency MP.

Whether your business or organisation is seeking to work with those who influence political processes and legislature or those who make decisions within government, we offer a range of training courses from a basic introduction to working with Parliamentarians to operating at the level of Ministers of Government and other senior decision-makers.

Serene also provides specialist courses for example in parliamentary training aimed at business and organisations concerned to influence in regard to women and girls. We also have specialist courses in international legal instruments regarding women and girls.

Serene Communications courses are tailored to transfer skills in these areas through a framework of the client’s personal interests and knowledge of political issues, whilst building capacity and confidence.