Comments about our Training

What participants noted as the highlights of our training


Learnt the Johari Window technique

I will be more confident in coaching my team and will take all on board and use it next time I need this

I think it was a very good training and interesting watching many various presentations and getting feedback

Developed awareness of what communication can do with customers

Got to know colleagues much better

Appreciated the specialist case studies

Improved inter-personal communications

Removed their barriers to communications

Developed their non-verbal awareness and communications

Learnt key tips on communication

Improved email communication

Learnt about non verbal communications

Learnt effective ways of giving feedback

Improving team communications

Learning about my personal communication skills

I am more conscious about non-verbal communication

Different approach to resolve a conflict is possible

It is important to think of how to communicate to others so that the result you will get meets your own expectation

Open minded information and discussion within this session/group

I liked the course which was intense, and the rich workbooks

Learning more about the background of how to motivate plus mind working

Made me realise that I do not spend enough time trying to motivate my resources.

Recognising the importance of motivation and realising the small things that could be done to improve.

To learn of various theories & group activities, experience sharing.

Theoretical background mixed with practical exercises.

Discussion, learning peoples views.

Documentation to take away esp Resource Pack.

Understanding how many factors influence motivation.

Interaction in course

Role plays

Good time management

Pace of the course

Balance between theory and practice

Different discussions

Structure of the course

Balance on theory and practice

Moving people around to work in different teams

Non-verbal awareness


Loved the pace of the course