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Women’s Leadership

Women make up 51% of the world’s population.  Women around the world equal or excel their male counterparts in all fields of education.  There are however significantly fewer women in leadership positions than men.  Research shows that many of the qualities that women bring to the workplace can increase productivity and performance for an organisation.  In addition retention of women in the workplace provides greater return on investment.

This programme seeks to enable organisations to make the most of the women within their organisation and to bring to the fore the qualities, skills and talents that their female workforce add.  In addition it seeks to highlight how to recruit and retain capable women and resonate with the female decision makers in the market place thus increasing profitability and sustainability.



Developing skills in communications is essential both at the personal development level and the strategic level.  In order to enhance engagement within the organisation and externally, the following modules are provided:

Creating a Strategy:  How to communicate more effectively, including gap analysis and plan creation and development.  A very practical course looking at recent research and technologies to create an holistic strategy using all media.

Making the Most of the Media:  How to make contacts with the media and establish working and ethical relationships, what they look for in a story and relationship, how to provide relevant information in the first instance, how to give interviews, top tips for media success.  The course is tailored to your needs, providing practical interview experience.  It can cover all or any of working with print media, radio, TV and social media.  The length will vary depending on the number of participants and the weighting of the course.  Typically a two day course provides sufficient time for participants to gain awareness and experience in all broadcast media interviews with a third day required for hands-on social media training.

Raising the Profile:  Awareness of your organisation comes from consistent effort, so the most effective way of raising awareness about your organisation is utilising the talents of your people.  We can train and raise up internal resources who will drive forward your organisations’s PR plan.  We can work with them in implementation phases to increase their confidence and effectiveness.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Recent research and practice shows increased profitability for businesses that demonstrate positive ethics and values.  It has been shown that these values cannot just be words in the CSR section of the annual report, but need to be lived by the personnel in any company, if they are to prove effective.

The CSR programme enables Directors to develop their understanding of CSR and establish effective monitoring and evaluation of projects in which their people are engaged.  It raises awareness and provides current examples of sustainable and effective CSR that lead to innovative processes that increases the sustainability and productivity of the business, enables your people to be happier in their workplace, and look after our planet.


Values based leadership training

A recent conference at the European Parliament (Dec 2010) provided research and organization statements from companies such as Siemens and Unilever, that values based business is also profitable.

We provide values based leadership training for organizations wishing to be at the forefront of best practice both in terms of providing the right environment for their people, but also those who want to be more financially successful.


Creative Leadership

This programme looks at a variety of concepts including the power of creativity and inspiration.  It enables participants to understand the variety of motivators for each human being and make the utmost primarily of their own resources and talents, but thereafter—of all those that they work and interact with.

With access to a wide range of vanguard research and experience, participants in this programme will experience greater insight and understanding together with an array of tools and tips to put into practice immediately.

It is a 5 day Leadership programme.


Emotional Intelligence

The most successful companies use emotional intelligence as part of their management culture.  Enabling directors and senior managers to understand their own emotional landscape and be aware of that of their reports and peers, enables them to communicate more effectively and reduce misunderstandings and conflict.

This programme provides research and interaction that enables executives understand how to manage their own emotions work more effectively with others.  It is highly interactive and participants will leave the course with an action plan for their own personal development and how to assist with that of their reports.

People Potential

The two fold purpose of this course is to enable participants develop personal awareness and values skills; and to be able to facilitate a similar session with work colleagues.

Developing self-awareness and values skills leads to improved inter-personal skills and enhanced leadership skills, increasing our ability to interact positively with our colleagues and clients creating positive sustainable relationships with customers and internal teams.

We spend a significant proportion of our life at work.  This course helps participants to bring their whole self to work and to develop the full potentiality of themselves: thus creating an enhanced work experience for the individual and a more engaged work force within the whole organisation.

Experience has shown that in order to prosper at home and at work, what is required is a healthy human spirit.  This course will help participants find for themselves what that means to them and their work and their life.

Throughout the course, participants are encouraged to relate the discussion and activities to their work as well as their life experience.  Participants therefore develop greater self-knowledge as well as how to apply this to improve their experience at work and that of their colleagues. They leave the course with greater self-awareness; greater positive self-image; understanding of how to create an atmosphere of positive change; greater skills of observation and perception; improved positive language and the ability to encourage their team.


Action Learning Reflection

When your people take time out of their working week for professional development, it is useful to know the return on investment, particularly given the effort involved in organising and paying for the training, and the time given by the participants.

An action planning programme enables the management team and the participants to make the most of the courses by ensuring that there are individual action plans in place.  In addition, participants can achieve greater implementation of what they have learnt when they return in three months time, to review how they have put into practice what they learnt in the training. At the action planning session, they review and amend their own plan for the next few months, bearing in mind what they have learnt from their peers and based on their own experience.

These tailor made programmes enable participants gain the most from the training dovetailed to the HR and training system already in place. The organization can also track trends in implementation and highlight strengths and opportunities.

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