Consultancy: Listening and learning with you to help your organization grow – through dynamic and creative consulting:

Serene Communications provides consulting solutions and services that enable and empower you to put words into action. We help you transform a vision, an objective, a policy or simply a wish list into reality. Our flexible approach and experience spanning all sectors, enables us to deliver consultancy solutions that range from troubleshooting and requirement definition to proposals for change and full implementation.

As a learning organisation, we continually strive to bring innovative solutions to help you to improve the performance of your organisation and to support you in meeting your business objectives.


There are many training and consultancy providers, so why choose Serene Communications?

We believe that in order really to understand what you need, we have to listen carefully.  Then we can work with you to create a solution that suits your business values and enables you to fulfil the strategic objectives of your organisation.

Serene Communications has provided training, consulting and communications services to a variety of organisations across diverse business, public and community sectors for more than a decade.  We take pride in our committed belief that to succeed you need to build on the innate potential and abilities of your people.  This is the key principle that underpins our successive achievements.

Serene Communications provides values based consulting solutions and services that enable and empower you to put words into action.  We help you become more change-enabled.  We listen and learn about your organisation and then work with you to adapt to changing circumstances, taking bold initiatives and launching new capabilities.  We can help you accelerate new developments and reduce risk in a volatile age.

Given our focus on human capital, processes and planning, our services can be grouped as follows:


1. Strategic Planning

We work with you to rationalise your business vision into strategic plans and objectives.  We draw on our facilitation and mentoring expertise to support your management teams in realigning your organisation with your core business focus and desired direction. Find out more »


2. Capacity Building

We take pride in sharing our experience in leading change management initiatives to enable your leadership teams to manage your business transformation process.  We have an open attitude to knowledge transfer.  We share our expertise so that your organisation’s capability is strengthened.  We provide facilitation and coaching opportunities for your people. Find out more »


3. Human Resources

We provide consultancy on core personal issues such as how to interact with customers, how to make the best of your people, how to establish unity of vision and experience whilst celebrating the diversity of your human resources.  We help you find the best way to implement strategies to realise your people’s potential and your organisation’s promise. Find out more »


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