Case Study: Management Skills Training

Orange Business Services (OBS)

Orange Business Services (OBS) approached us to enhance the managerial skills of senior managers throughout the organization. In consultation with the Training Centre of Excellence, Serene Communications created a programme of courses together with master classes for the executive team and train the trainer days for internal trainers.

In addition a full system of pre and post testing, evaluation forms and course participant analysis has been provided. Serene Communications continues to provide new courses for OBS, tailor existing courses for different departments and deliver the courses throughout Europe. This management development programme is being delivered in India, Egypt, Brazil, Russian, Europe, Asia Pacific, North America.

Here are what some of the participants on this programme have said:

“Excellent, well delivered.  Good fun and informative.  Well Structured.  Thanks!”

“Second to none”

“Enjoyable and constructive course, relevant to establishing better and more efficient team building within my workplace in the future.”

“One of the best one-day courses I have attended in terms of clear teaching and participation.”

“Inspired ideas on how to improve day to day working.”

“Excellent training session and a very worthwhile day with variety and good pace. Very good course.  I look forward to attending more.”

“Techniques were good. Useful to know how to correct bad decision making practice”

“A lot to put in to a short timeframe.  Good and widespread knowledge & experience of attendees.  Good mix of people.”

“I was really impressed with the energy and confidence during these learning sessions. I personally have added a lot to my profile out of these sessions.”

“These trainings also helped me to understand my team members better and I will be continuing this approach in order to achieve our team and organization’s goals.”

“Surely, this entire Programme has improved our management skills and taught us various new and innovative ways to deal with different situations/people by applying simple tools and techniques and how to come out with a win-win solution.”

“I would also like to make a point here that this entire workshop had completely transformed the way of working for all of us. We had been doing the things anyways during our day-to-day operations but this module has brought about the hidden qualities and empowered all of us to be a better leader going forward.”

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