Inter-personal relations

At Serene Communications, we believe, to be effective in life or in business you need to communicate well.  We have found good managers communicate exceptionally well.  To be a good communicator you need skills. These skills need to be developed, honed and augmented as part of a life-long process.

We believe communication is at the heart of inter-personal relations so the more cogent your awareness of how communication works, the more effective you will be.  We have found business success also depends on how well everyone communicates with each other, within the organisation and externally.

We believe communication therefore needs to be understood at the personal, management and organisational level for individuals to be competent; for the organisation to build excellent internal relations, and promote itself to best advantage.

Serene Communications provides training and consultancy at all levels to help you create trenchant and persuasive messages conveyed through dynamic use of various media.


1. Creating a Strategy

Do you want to communicate better as an individual or as an organisation?

We can help you diagnose gaps and challenges, offer solutions and enable you create a comprehensive plan for improvement. Read more »


2. Making the Most of the Media

Do you want to be able to make contacts in the media and keep in contact with them over time whilst still developing new contacts in all the areas you need for you work?

We can help you understand how the media works. We can help you get in touch with journalists interested in your field. Read more »


3. Raising the Profile

In addition to consultancy and training we also offer implementation expertise across the range of PR, media and representation areas.

Do you want an in-house person who can ensure that your organisation is continually promoted?

We can help you by training people in your organisation to understand the variety of promotional methods available.  We can help them understand the resources needed to use these effectively, both in terms of time, skills and budget.  We can help them plan ahead to make optimum use of a wide variety of promotional methods and opportunities in a cost effective way. Read more »