Case Study: Dolphin Telecommunications

Client requirement

Dolphin Telecommunications UK is a member of the Inquam group of companies. Dolphin (UK) is a leading provider of professional “push-to-talk” services.  Target markets include the utilities, transport, logistics, and construction sectors.

As part of Dolphin’s strategic move to outsource various elements of their work, the company set out to downsize their operations in the UK.  The PR department had limited capacity and they required an objective and independent organisation to assist with communication of the new moves to the entire workforce.

Our response

Serene Communications was invited to assist with this project. We worked with the Director of Human Resources to provide a communications strategy for this sensitive and challenging process.  Working closely with the HR department a process driven tiered approach was adopted ensuring that all personnel were well-informed of the reasons for the changes, the steps that were being taken to provide security, the possibilities for them and the ways in which they could voice their questions or concerns.

We provided staff positioning information through internal communications and facilitated communication between staff and senior management.  We prepared presentations for the Chief Executive Officer for delivery to staff.

Client outcomes

Dolphin UK were able to go through the period of transition with a well-informed workforce who felt involved and cared for in times of uncertainty.