Case Study: NIACE

Client Requirement

NIACE is the national organisation for adult learning in England and Wales. NIACE membership is drawn from right across the spectrum of adult education provision and from private, public and voluntary sector organisations.

NIACE wanted to assist their client adult education organisations throughout the UK to increase their ability to promote themselves.  Serene Communications worked in partnership with Viva Communications to implement tailored training for these organisations.


Our Response

We worked with Viva Communications and the NIACE team to develop a full understanding of their desired outcomes of the training.  The training focused on the need for adult education organisations to create a plan in order to make the most of limited resources and the need to understand how the media works.  The training needed to provide participants with skills that could be immediately used to promote the organisation.

Following the initial analysis, we developed a training module for both aspects of the course and tailored it to the needs of NIACE.

We provided a series of five training sessions across the country in which over 400 organisations of diverse sizes and constituencies participated.


Client outcomes

Our follow up assessment indicates that all participants gained a good understanding of the market, how to reach their target audience, how to plan a strategy, how to reach the media and the need to be people-focused. The anonymous evaluation forms provided a wealth of positive comments.


Client Response

“Good, well-structured day. Even within an NHS organisation I feel I can implement some changes to promote …learning. Thanks.”

“Very well organised and thought-through day. Excellent subject matter!”

“A very enjoyable day with excellent delivery of workshops.”

“Structured approach to promotion, events and media.”

“Please provide details on further courses. Very good value.”

“Enjoyed the day and contents very much.”

“Thank you for an excellent day. I am recommending it to colleagues so I hope you will re-run this day as well as others”