Effective communications

Human beings need to communicate.  So you would think that we are all very good at it.  Interestingly many misunderstandings and even conflicts occur just because we are not good at communicating.

Often we think that communicating is saying what is in our own heads but so much more often it is about finding out what is in the head and heart of others.

In every aspect of our lives, whenever we communicate well, we are in the process of building a relationship, developing an idea, a plan, or a concept.  A good communicator directly contributes to positive development.  By ensuring that all messages are clear, context-suitable and energising, effective communication also creates positive environments in all spheres of work and leads to increased profitability as well as an enhanced work experience for all.  In most situations the extent of good communications makes the difference between failure and success. Communication is synonymous with development.

The aim of the content of this tailor-made course is to empower people to develop an understanding of the different types of communication channels open to them and enable them to put pragmatic ideas into practice in their day to day work.

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