Powerful presentations

At the Democratic Congress a few years ago, a photographer took some photos of a quiet slender man sitting on a stool.  Her editor asked why she had taken photos of this unknown.  After his short presentation – he was voted the Democratic nomination.  Out of nowhere came this relatively recent senator.  He now has been elected for his second term as President of the US.  That one 16 minute presentation changed history.

While sustainable motivation is achieved through environmental and inter-personal means, significant motivation also occurs through powerful presentations.  They can change history and make a huge difference to individual lives and organisational development.  Presentations with an understanding of the audience, eloquent speech, appropriate body language and a high energy level can inspire large bodies of people with a message that they remember for years.

The aim of this course content is to enable participants to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to create and deliver more than effective presentations.  They will develop an understanding of the elements that make up a good presentation and how to present a message with impact to meet the needs of their audiences.

The course is tailor made for your organisational needs but usually provides many opportunities to present to colleagues.  Some of of these are filmed with feedback from colleagues and the trainer for marked improvement during the course.  This is a highly successful course and is very popular.  It regularly receives over 80% ratings across all elements of evaluation.

Here are some top tips

10 top presentation tips white paper