Katherine Ainsworth

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to attend and participate in the Human Rights Council, and I have Serene Communications to thank for their kind invitation and dedication to giving us the best possible support and advice during the entire process. Throughout the week, I enjoyed attending side events, my favourite of which was entitled ‘Enforced Disappearances in Sri Lanka’. I also had the privilege to observe the drafting of resolutions in the Human Rights Chamber, which has allowed me to develop a heightened awareness of the political system of many different countries. Three words which I would use to describe my experience are moving, eye-opening and inspiring. Firstly, meeting individuals such as the FGMC survivors and the victims of enforced disappearances allowed me to view certain issues through a different lens. Their extremely moving speeches inspired me to push harder for change, and to ensure that my voice is heard. Secondly, the experience opened my eyes to current issues being experienced by many different cultures, genders and age groups, which I had not even considered before. I believe that viewing and being aware of a wider range of concerns has allowed me to become a more well-rounded and considerate person. Lastly, the experience was beyond inspiring, and I have left with a new sense of confidence and assertiveness, which I believe will be an asset to my future study and potential career, as well as my personal life. Serene Communications provided me with an opportunity which is only available to a very small minority of students across the world, and I would like to thank them for the entire experience.