Useful website offer

I recently came across a useful offer and thought it may be of interest for those of you who are looking for support with your website.

If you click on the link below and use one of their services (starting at £30), the company who built our site will give you one year of free hosting, or one hour of free web consulting, worth £100.  You can also refer other people to the site and get the same free gift when they sign up.  So do take a look, and if you sign up, we’ll be getting the same offer and save a lot of money on our hosting!

What makes them unique is that they will send a professional to your offices to meet you in person and take you step by step through any work you may need support with.  I would warmly recommend them.

You can find out more here:, on 0800 023 6264, at, or I can introduce you via email.

I do hope you find this useful.