Opportunity for Young People: Trip to Tanzania!

Update: we are now fully booked for this year’s trip, but email us at zarin@serenecommunications.com to register for next year!

We are extending our work with young people to include a trip to Tanzania this summer. The trip will be in partnership with charity Naserian, a charity that helps Massai widows prosper within their community. Traditionally when a women’s husband dies she is inherited by a male relative in order to keep her safe. Naserian helps communities understand that often the women want to live independently and remain in control of what happens to their children. This learning and service trip will help to raise funds for the widows to continue their work.

The trip starts with a visit to Arusha to visit the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda among other places. We will then travel to the villages Naserian works with and meet the widows. The young people will provide a range of services to the community. These include: documenting the stories of the widows, teaching children in the villages, teaching the community English, teaching IT skills and providing resources for and building a Naserian Widows centre. The centre provides a safe environment for the widows to hold meetings, make their jewellery and to sit together during rainy season. A safari camping trip will offer a small break before returning to the villages to engage with the community once more. The trip will end with a 3 night stay in Zanzibar where we will take part in an array of cultural activities, such as, visiting a spice farm.

For the young people this will be a once in a life-time experience, where they can see the extent to which inequality exists and the need for projects like Naserian to be in place for women around the world. For the widows, the trip will leave them with a wonderful centre they can use throughout the year and number of new skills to help them spread the message of Naserians life- changing work. We hope to run the trip twice a year in future.

Download flyer here