Zarin, the director’s words | Fighting discrimination Against Women

Zarin Hainsworth, Director of Serene, was asked by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to take part in a film to highlight the role of the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women.  The producers of the film said 

“We could have used pretty much any line you gave to camera”.  Zarin was asked due to her extensive experience in the field of the advancement of women and girls and as Chair of the National Alliance of Women’s Organisations.

The other participants in the film were Rt Hon Maria Miller MP, the Chair of the Select Committee on Women and Equalities, EHRC Commissioner Lorna McGregor,  and Helen Mountfield QC

The EHRC vision: 
We live in a country with a long history of upholding people’s rights, valuing diversity and challenging intolerance. The Commission seeks to maintain and strengthen this heritage while identifying and tackling areas where there is still unfair discrimination or where human rights are not being respected.